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Favorite Stuffed Animal

I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo for the month of May and the word for the month is Comfort.  To learn more about NaBloPoMo please go to www.BlogHer.com

May 1 – What was your favorite stuffed animal?

I didn’t really  have a favorite stuffed animal as a child.  I had stuffies but nothing that I could consider a favorite – not one that if I didn’t have I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  My 4-year-old nephew, now he has stuffies that he can’t sleep without. And if he doesn’t have them when you put him down, well, you’re not going to sleep either.  They are Monkey and Moose.  Monkey is more important than Moose but both are better.  Not only are they with him at bedtime but they go everywhere he goes which makes it very difficult to launder these little guys and very easy for them to get lost.  My brother has actually had to get in the car with both kids in their pajamas and drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s just to look for Monkey.  And because Hide and Go Seek is my nephew’s favorite game, well you guessed it, Monkey hides a lot and no one knows where to go seek.

But now that makes me think of something that I couldn’t sleep without when I was young.  The quilt my grandmother made for me.  I still have it.  I don’t sleep with it anymore but I still love seeing it in the closet, pulling it out and wrapping up in it on a cold day.  My grandmother is gone but having something that she made for me and knowing that she thought of me as she made it, that gives me comfort.  Some of the squares are coming apart at the seams, the yellow blocks may have faded a bit, some of the flowers on the floral prints are disappearing, and the flannel on the back is worn but still so soft.

I enjoy quilting now and although I don’t have a daughter or grand daughter to make a quilt for, whenever I do pick up a quilting project I think of my grandmother and her gift of comforting even if she isn’t around anymore.

What gives you comfort?


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