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Comfort Food

I’m participating in NaBloPoMo for the month of May.  It is put on by www.blogher.com and the theme this month is comfort.

I probably have many comfort foods but the one I reach for most is chocolate.  I love dark chocolate – not too sweet but yet still creamy.   A velvety smooth chocolate truffle can make my eyes cross and my toes curl.  A ramekin of satiny chocolate mousse can make me drool.  But if I’m in need of chocolate and the only thing I have in the house is chocolate Chipits then that’s what I get.  It’s not a need that I can turn off just because I don’t have the “good stuff”.  But if I really want to treat myself I make a chocolate bread pudding that I’ve had people request over and over again.  People have promised me their first born if I make them this chocolate decadence but seeing as I consciously made the decision not to have children, this is not a motivator.  My motivator is that I get to have a bowl of warm-chocolatey-bread-goodness infused with vanilla with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Martha Stewart can be thanked for this deliciously comforting dish and it can be found at http://www.marthastewart.com/340336/chocolate-bread-pudding

Hope you enjoy as much my friends and I do.



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