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What song gives me comfort?

I’m participating in NaBloPoMo for the month of May.  It is put on by www.blogher.com .  The theme for this month is comfort.

What song gives me comfort?  I’ve thought about this question all day and I realized I don’t really have a song.  But songs that bring me comfort are ones that I can sing along to.  If there was a style of music that comforted me it would be jazz.  And I know enough jazz that I can sing along to a lot…and if I don’t know the song, well,  I can just make the words up.  If it’s not a song with words, that’s okay as music, in general, soothes me.  It brings up memories – high school dances, cruising in cars, weddings, house parties, and family gatherings.  I come from a musical family so music was always a part of my life.  My mother was a piano teacher.  She doesn’t teach anymore but she still enjoys to play.  When I was younger and my mom was still studying piano she would put me and my brothers to bed and then she would do her practicing.  I fell asleep so often to my mom playing the piano that to this day loud noises do not affect me when I sleep.  It’s a nice trait to have.  My brother is quite an accomplished guitarist.  He can play quite a few different styles but his first love is rock.  Of course, he had a garage band when we were growing up.  Stairway to Heaven was always a favorite for the band to play as well as for me to listen to.  Anything from Van Halen worked too.   I remember one day when my grandparents were visiting my brother’s band was practicing.  There were my 70-something grandparents out in the driveway dancing.  So, maybe it’s not a particular song that gives me comfort as it is the memories music brings out.

What song gives you comfort?


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