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Should we judge a book by it’s cover?

How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?

I’m not too sure if a book cover really captures my attention the way the author’s name does.  I’m a mystery fan so if the book has the name Elizabeth George or P.D. James on it I’m going to pick it up.   If those same authors suggest a book or another author then I’ll also try it.  Dennis Lehane is another fave as well as Michael Connelly.  Martha Grimes is equally as wonderful and her characters can be delightfully quirky.  But this isn’t about my favorite authors.

What I do know for sure is if I see a book with a movie adaptation on the cover I steer clear.  I’m not a celebrity follower and I guess when I see celebrities on the covers of books only because they have decided to star in a movie adapted from a book I get a little peeved.  I want the author’s name to speak for the book.  I cheer for authors who have made that a reality.  They have worked hard for that honor.

So, even though I was taught to not judge a book by its cover, I guess that’s what I do.



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