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To Resolve or Not To Resolve

NaBloPoMo January

My resolutions:

1)  Work out more

2)  Lose Weight

3)  Schedule more date nights

4)  Offer babysitting to my brother and sister-in-law so they can have more date nights

5)  Drop in on my parents more often

6)  Take time to meet up with friends during the work week

7)  Start spring cleaning early (& this time finish it!)

I don’t usually write down my New Year’s Resolutions and now that I have they seem to have become almost tangible.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Does this mean I need to keep them now that they are written down (typed out)?  Usually they are just a thought, and a wisping one at that!  Have I just added pressure to what is usually (for me) a day of reflection?  Already I can feel failure nipping at my heels.

So, I pause, take a breath and revise my resolutions.  It’s still only January first – revisions are allowed, right?

1)  Walk around the lake more.  I live near a beautiful lake which is surrounded by trees, not houses and is not polluted by the sound of boat motors.  It’s a beautiful slice of natural wilderness and practically in my back yard.

2)  Enjoy food and then go for a walk around the lake.

3)  Walk around the lake with my husband and don’t forget the camera.  There are so many wonderful pictures waiting to be captured.

4)  Take the niece and nephew around the lake.  They’re very active kids and enjoy being outside.  Bring a fishing rod.

5)  Invite my parents to walk the lake with me.  They may be 70-years-old but are in good health and I want to keep them that way for a good while longer.

6)  Invite my friends to come for a walk.  An hour walking and talking with a friend is a great work out as well as one of the most uplifting ways to pass the time.

7)  Hmmm, this one is a bit harder as I can’t spring clean my house and walk the lake at the same time.  So, spring clean but not for too long in a day and then enjoy that walk with the husband, the niece and/or nephew, the parents, or a friend.

Now with the revisions, that feeling of failure has left, the pressure is off, and because I live in Victoria (where it may rain but seldom snow) I’m off to walk around the lake.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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