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Grandma’s Voice

I started this blog feeling bitter and wanting to share my bitterness here.  It was something that started just before the long weekend and has, at times, hung over my head.  But while airing my bitterness through keystrokes I started hearing my grandmother’s voice about counting my blessings.  And not being able to turn my beloved grandmother’s voice off I have gone through many revisions of this blog.  I say many revisions because at times I’m not a good listener…..and I may be a wee bit stubborn….ok, I’m a lot stubborn.  Boots in thick mud stubborn.  My grandmother is not with me any longer and yet her wise words will still stop me in my tracks and make me rethink the actions or words I want to do or say.  Which is a very good thing as over the weekend I wanted to rail at the ones who caused my bitterness. I wanted to point fingers and say “look at what you did! and because of you I had a terrible weekend.”  Upon reflection, this would have caused people to feel very bad and would have caused embarrassment to loved ones.  And, I didn’t have a terrible weekend.  On the contrary it was quite lovely and fun and relaxing.   Over the weekend I was able to express my disappointment and bitterness to a third party, a friend.  She made the appropriate sounds, she sympathized, she even provided an answer and she made me laugh when before all I wanted to do was cry.  So, now I’m doing what my grandmother taught me to do and I’m counting my blessings….and I’m naming them one by one.

  1. I have a job where I get all the statutory holidays off.
  2. My husband is a loving, kind, and wise man.
  3. I have awesome friends.
  4. I have a fantastic family.
  5. I have my health.
  6. I have the ability to laugh at myself (albeit sometimes it takes a good amount of time before I get to the laughing part) when I’m being stupid.
  7. I had a wonderful long weekend.

Now, I could list a whole lot more blessings but these were the ones that came into play this weekend.

Thanks Grandma.  Your voice is still being heard.



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