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Can I Get Some Help Please?

About a month ago my husband, Rick and I went to our niece’s wedding. It was out of town and so I booked  a sweet little bungalow at a lakeside resort. We had stayed at this resort a few years ago for another niece’s wedding and even though it is horribly over priced it is beautiful and really is the only game in town. We arrived very late and fell into bed after a long day at work and then a long drive. When we woke the next morning we realized there was no water in our bungalow. I called the main desk where the voice mail messsage informed me that they wouldn’t be in until nine that morning. I left a messsage stating our problem and asking that someone turn on the water. We then decided to go out for breakfast as we  had a few things to do prior to the wedding that day. So, without showering, washing our faces, or brushing our teeth we took off to find breakfast. When we returned to the resort about eleven thirty that morning the water still hadn’t been turned on. Feeling frustrated I called the front desk again and was greeted with the same voice mail message. I then decided to walk to the office to get some help. This proved fruitless as no one was in the office that weekend. With frustration increasing I remembered seeing some maintenance workers at a shed so I went in search of them. I found three men fixing a lawn mower. I explained my dilemma and asked if one of them could help. We finally got water, had showers, and made it to the wedding.

Before we left the next day I wrote a note leaving it on the counter in the kitchen of our bungalow about wanting to speak with someone about the fact we did not have water for our first day. I didn’t get a call that first morning back home so I called in the afternoon and left a message. I left messages every day for the first week we were back. I finally received a call the following week. I explained my situation. She apologized profusely and offered a few things to compensate us. They did not meet what I wanted which was one of our nights taken off our bill ($300.00 US). She said she didn’t have the authorization to do this but would get back to me that day. Would you be surprised if I said I didn’t hear back from her? Well, I didn’t. I left messages the following days and weeks. A complete month later I left yet another message, the queen mother of all messages. It was a message that should be played for all customer relations personnel in training sessions. I was riled up. I was frustrated. I was dissatisfied and I made it known. I didn’t swear, curse, or yell (as I’m not that type of person) but I made sure whoever would be listening to this that I wasn’t happy. It was the longest voice mail I have ever left. I really thought I would be cut off given time limits on most voice mails but I wasn’t.

The next morning….I received a call from the resort! I was given many apologies and in the end my wishes were granted. I’m happy….now and so won’t give the name of the resort. But what I would like to know is why did it come to this? Why did I have to become the angry customer that no one wants to deal with before I got a response?

I hate complaining but if something isn’t done right I do expect to be heard and have it corrected. I hate listening to people complain but if I haven’t done something right I make sure I correct it as soon as I know about it.

Do I expect too much? All I wanted was water!


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